Plaster Crown Molding

As one of the most beautiful embellishments in any home, crown moldings have a rich history that dates back generations. The concept has evolved throughout the ages, and the options available have grown exponentially. Modern homes commonly feature decorative molding today, and yet this architectural detail still brings the beauty of the past to the present. Whether you live in a home from centuries ago or are building a brand new home, crown molding can elevate your home's interior.

Various types of plaster crown molding.

Gypsum plaster material, not only allows for more detailed designs, it will last for generations. Unlike other decorative materials such as wood or plastic, plaster moldings offers a seamlessness that does not crack, shift or shrink with changes in temperature and is timeless!

Our products are made from water and plaster (gypsum) of varying hardness for differing durability needs. Gypsum products are non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-combustible. Finished plaster molding can be painted to resemble any desired material, for example, a ceiling panel could be painted to resemble woodgrain with antique burl panels within mahogany frames, ebony and gilt trim.

Sizes are listed for all products in inches. Measurements are first, the length of each piece, then the standing height. Height measurements may vary by 1/4 inch due to vagueties in manufacturing. Plaster is carefully packed in wood crates for shipment.

Minimum order $250.