We offer high-end aluminum/ wood windows, with both modern advanced style design and the classic styles. Our quality is excellent and easily compared to Andersen, Pella and Marvin, at much more favorable prices, and we believe, customer service.

Our Product

Our main product is the wood aluminum tilt/center-opening window. These styles originated in Europe and are popular both in modern and traditional homes. They feature solid wood interiors and aluminum exterior cladding atop the wood frame. The window can either swing like a door, or open from the top like hoppers. Solid wood is used, mostly oak or mahogany, both imported from the United States for its hardness, and available in many finishes. Finger wood joining joins the wood components together. The exterior aluminum is 1.4 mm to 1.6 mm thick. Our Seamlessly Welded Joint technique gets the miter joints welded and ground smooth for additional strength, protection and improved aesthetics. Various color options are all available for both wood and aluminum. The door hardware is German-made brand Roto-Siegenia. All our glass used is tempered, which uniformly shatters into small pieces for safety.

Quality Assurance

Our windows are subject to our Quality Assure System, which consists of 5 main point checks. First, we will create one small team of professionals, and choose our 8 most experienced workers to cut and assemble all windows. Then we select 2 quality inspectors to control the quality and performance from the beginning to end. Next, when all aluminum/ wood profiles arrive at our factory, our quality control inspectors will check all of them one by one, so we can make sure all are properly finished. When our workers cut and assemble the wood/ aluminum frames, scratch and damages are simply not allowed to happen. After the assembling is finished, the quality control inspector will check the joints of wood window frames to make sure all joints are smooth, and then we test them to assure they function properly.

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